Now We're Talking in the Community

Now We're Talking in the Community logoNow We're Talking has joined forces with Talk Community, launching a campaign called 'Now We're Talking in the Community', to encourage local people to connect with their community to better support their mental health and wellbeing.

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, but for some, it’s been particularly hard. There are small steps we can all take to give our mental health and wellbeing a boost and connecting with your local community is one of them. It could be something as simple as having a chat and a cuppa at a Talk Community Hubs, but it could make a world of difference.

The campaign is centred around the five ways to wellbeing:

Five ways to wellbeingConnecting

Connecting with others can help reduce loneliness, stress and depression, which is why Talk Community provides a free online directory of wellbeing information, services, groups and activities, to help you stay connected. However, if you find that things are getting too much for you, it’s okay to ask for a little extra help.

Healthy Minds offers a self-referral talking therapy service, where anyone experiencing common mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety, low mood or depression, can get help and support, if they need it. Contact Healthy Minds.

Taking notice

You deserve good health, for you and your family.

That means everything from eating well (with a little of what you fancy too), to maintaining positive lifestyle habits. #TakeNotice of how you feel and get support on all things wellbeing over on the Talk Community website. If you're struggling wtih your feelings and mental health, don't hesitate to contact contact Healthy Minds.

Being active

This spring, we are encouraging local people to get out, get active, and get snap happy.

Herefordshire is full of beautiful nature and landmarks, so take a quick photo and use hashtag #GetActiveHfd on social media. Sharing these photos may also inspire other local people to get involved too.



Learning what you love is a great way of supporting your mental health and wellbeing. 

There are lots of opportunities in Herefordshire to learn something new or pick up a hobby.

Whether it's for fun or developing your professional skills, have a browse on the Talk Community directory for courses, events and groups which may take your fancy.

As well as learning a new skill, it's also really important to learn about yourself. Understanding and exploring your thoughts and feelings can help you take charge of them. Learn more in our self-help guides.