Everyone knows what panic is, and it is common to feel panicky from time to time such as:

  • A sense that you are being followed on your way home from a party, late at night. 
  • You discover you have had your wallet stolen. 
  • You are sitting an exam. 

It would be normal in any of these situations to feel a sense of panic.  The feeling would be understandable and would pass fairly quickly.  A panic attack is a bit like ‘normal’ panic, but different in a number of ways: 

  • The feelings are a lot stronger.  
  • The feelings seem to come ‘out of the blue’ and are not usually related to the sort of frightening situation described above. 
  • The feelings often last longer than a few minutes.  As the feelings are unexpected, strong and often very physical, they can feel extremely frightening.  

Panic attacks affect people in many different ways, but there is usually a sudden frightening feeling that something really awful is about to happen, with strong physical symptoms. 

This can cause people to feel that something more serious, such as a heart attack is happening.

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