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Cornmarket church

Artwork Title: Grasp hold of the present moment
Artist: Iggy Cuthbert 

Instagram @_trashsalad 

This untitled piece has been inspired by the prompt “the world is better with you in it” I wrote it with the connotations of the universe at large and how even seemingly small changes affect the surrounding space that they exist in. This extended metaphor is my attempt at sensitively confronting the subject of suicide. This poem is attempting to avoid usually patronising and cliche ideas that are oftenused to communicate mental health issues and suicide prevention. Written and displayed in a minimal and simple way I hoped to create a striking contrast that will allow the reader to experience this piece without any distractions or flowery language. This piece is incredibly personal to me as the ideas of insignificance and struggles with suicide have been close to my heart for the entirety of my life. This piece is a mantra for those who feel small in comparison to the infinite. 

Next stop: Be the Change, Cornmarket