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Suicide prevention burger shop

Subject: Dan Browning, ex Military, Member of Tough Enough to Care Charity
Photographer: Drew Deas
Assistants: Olly Irwin & Liam Haddigan
Instagram: @DrewDeas

This is an empowering portrait of a suicide survivor. It’s designed to open conversations about suicide and its ability to affect anyone, anywhere.

This is Dan. He wanted to get involved with The Now We’re Talking with Art project and have his photo taken to raise awareness of metal health. This is his experience of suicide and encourages people to talk. This is his story:

I have served in the military, private contracting for security companies, and went into the construction. All of which being male dominating industries. It wasn't until after leaving the military I was later diagnosed with PTSD. The reason I help with 'Tough Enough to Care' (TETC) is to help men that are or was in the same position as I was and to try and support men to open up and talk. I really believe the work that TETC are doing will and is saving lives and I am proud to be part of the team. If we can get more men talking hopefully it will save more lives and reduce the stigma around male mental health and stamp out the stigma surrounding it.

Aditional images: 

Suicide prevention_DOD9447.jpg  Suicide prevention_DOD9256.jpg  Suicide prevention_DOD9564.jpg   Suicide prevention_DOD9381.jpg  Suicide prevention_DOD9258.jpg   Suicide prevention_DOD9214.jpg

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