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Cripplegate park

Artwork title: You can handle whatever today brings
Artist: Michelle Righini

Instagram: @shell_righini 

I wanted to create a moment for people that would stop them in there everyday journey, give them time to pause, and project a ray of positivity directly to them.  So often in life we rush around, our heads full of negativity and doubt, it is so important to take the time to stop and remind yourself you are important, wonderful and unique; that you matter to people, that you are stronger than you think, and that even the worse days will pass.  It’s hard to reach out for help, in fact asking for help is probably the most difficult part of the process when you decide to start looking after your mental health.  This wall is for those that feel they have no one, that they are alone in their daily fight and struggles, to know they are never truly alone.  I want this wall to inspire the confidence in people to reach out if they need too, too keep on going and to know that they are loved.  I also want it to inspire people to ask the people in their lives how the are; really ask them and listen to them.  Sometimes all it takes is to be heard to turn a persons whole day around.  Be there for them as much as you can - but ultimately be there for yourself.  You are a special light in the world so shine bright.  

Next stop:  The riverside by Digilis Hotel