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Paul Burton

Artwork title: Your smile will return
Artist: Paul Burton

Instagram: @ paulburtonsculpture

We have all been suffering and people close to me have had issues.. so I have put this piece together called “Angst” .. My “Earthlight” sculpture range of work is my observation and statement on where we are in the conflicting debates on the resource management of our planet.  These sculptures placed in the landscape with an aspect to the rising or setting sun are powerful visions. Their intent is to question the western environmentalist paradigm.

Recently I have been incorporating into my work influences from major artists  (Hepworth, Mondrian and Picasso). The latter Pablo Picasso was a painter / Sculptor that has revolutionised the way people look at modern art and mental illness. We may now be a little receptive towards the idea of mental illness being an ailment just like a physical one; but back then, people never had heard of depression let alone about therapy and seeking help. Through his painting, Picasso certainly puts on paper and sculpture what is his frame of mind,

Through this Earthlight Sculpture in my humble way I have attempted to portray that in this piece.. I want to try to visually show “Angst” in this sculpture and interpret the feelings/Emotions so as to make them understandable and how critically important is mental health and what it can do to any human being when damaged.

Next stop: Floral Roundabout, Sidbury