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Artwork title: You are exactly what they need 
Artist: Eleanor Miles

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The idea behind this print is to highlight communities of women drawing strength from each other, the visual of women and children literally holding one another up. I have been particularly inspired by a group from my local area called Mom’s Mindful Hub (based in and around the Black Country). It has been set up by a Mother and is helped by volunteers and peer supporters. Throughout lockdown they have provided wellbeing packs for new mums. 
The repetitive pattern of the printing is there to evoke memories of wallpaper and to remind people that throughout the last year we have all spent so much time at home and that community led groups have continued to help people from home.  

I will be using a mix of linocut printing and paint onto wood. I'd like the grain of the wood to show through, again I think it would help with the domestic feeling but also, that it's a natural material that's super strong but flexible, like the mums helping each other. 

Next stop: The Mix Cafe, St Pauls