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Age UK - creative friends window

Artwork Titile: Creative Friends: Outside my window


Age UK Worcester and Malvern Hills Clients

The University of Worcester Occupational Therapy students with support from Spare Room Arts and funded by Worcester City Council.

What do you see when your look outside your window?

Creative Friends was launched to support individuals to stay connected to others through creativity to combat loneliness, even from a distance during the recent lockdown.

Age UK Worcester and Malvern Hills clients and Worcester University Occupational Therapy students were paired up to become Creative Friends, who only communicated with one another through art. With creative support from Spare Room Arts, participants were given 5 months to explore the theme of ‘Outside my window’ to create a bespoke piece of art for their Creative Friend.

Tackling loneliness within a person’s life is always important but now more then over. Providing companionship through creativity has allowed the Creative Friends to have a greater sense of belonging, purpose and meaning.

Come and discover the Creative Friends process and final artwork which has been pieced together by lead Artist Sarah Edwards from Spare Room Arts.

Let’s stay connected through creativity to combat loneliness.

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