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Artwork Title: The world is better with you in it  
Artist: Georgia Thomas 

Instagram: @gsembroideries

I chose the subject of suicide prevention for my art work as its a topic that is very close to my heart. It’s also, unfortunately a topic close to so many others. 
The art work I’ve created is based on an image of two people, one being a person who has suffered with a mental illness. I wanted my message within the art to be a positive one and to show that everyone is needed and loved. For that to be shown I chose to use bright and bold colours and cosy textures to create a sense of warmth within the image. To accompany this I used yellow thread to beam from the main focus to ensure there is a message of hope. 

I looked to old photographs for inspiration and drew the image digitally to then trace onto cotton fabric. Using traditional embroidery techniques i stitched the piece by hand using a needle and thread. 

Life can bring so many immense highs and such intense lows however, I believe there is always hope and you never know what tomorrow may bring. 
The world really is a better place with you in it.

Next stop: Trinity Street Housing, Trinity Street