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Getting Support

If you’re feeling overloaded, no matter what your background or situation, we’re here to offer you support.  Don’t feel like you have to struggle alone – talking can help.

We have trained staff available 24/7 who can listen to you and provide advice & support.  Calls are free and confidential.

Talk to someone now

Call 0808 196 9127

The team can offer advice around services that can help you understand how you are feeling.  They can decide whether you need specialist mental health support – if so, you can expect to speak to Mental Health Advisors and/or trained Mental Health Clinicians who will be able to listen to your concerns and help make appropriate plans with you to support you.

If you are already being supported by Mental Health Services in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, you should try and speak to your usual team before contacting the urgent helpline, unless it’s outside of core hours, a weekend or bank holiday.

Help available in Worcestershire

Help available in Herefordshire

About Us

No person should feel ashamed or sit alone with their thoughts of suicide. Everyone in this situation should know that suicide is not their only option.

This is the vision for the Herefordshire & Worcestershire’s Suicide Prevention Programme.

Our suicide prevention programme is about early intervention and prevention in everyday settings.

We want to foster communities that create and promote wellbeing opportunities for those struggling with their emotional health to get help before a crisis point is reached.

This is particularly important for groups of our population such as middle-aged men who may be less likely to access formal healthcare support around mental health.

Key areas of our work include:

  • Building a stigma-busting and awareness raising campaign
  • Rolling out suicide prevention training
  • Funding community initiatives working to prevent suicide
  • Delivering a programme of workplace activity across both counties

Key aims of our work include:

  • Removing stigma associated with experiencing suicidal thoughts (especially for men)
  • Improving awareness and education of suicide in our local communities
  • Enabling more people in the community to identify others who may be feeling suicidal and offer basic support and signposting
  • Creating and promoting opportunities within communities to help those at risk of and affected by suicide
  • Responding to emerging patterns in local suicide data, undertake regular programme impact reviews and disseminate useful learning across wider suicide prevention networks
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