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Artwork Title: Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable
Artist: Kirstie Gregory 

An acrylic painting full of colour and texture with an abstract surreal nature. The painting will be of a woman practicing some form of meditation/yoga, she will represent the importance of physical well-being, being present in your body, loving your body and being gentle with it. I will then use the beauty of the natural world to convey the importance of emotional well-being. The ‘sunshine for the soul’ aspect triggering thoughts of brighter days, that feeling of the summer sun on your skin. This will give the painting a spiritual feel, to slow down and connect with our souls and find the calm. The use of plants and florals in the painting will represent growth and movement, trusting your own journey and also giving the painting a sense of flow. I will also add to this vibe with the colours and texture of the paint, using different techniques to make the painting visually interesting.

Next stop: Age UK Charity Shop, Mealcheapen Street