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Artwork Title: Be kind, for everyone is fighting their own battles
Competition winner: Lucia Lane

Artwork Title: Stronger than you know
Artist: Natalie Littlehales

Instagram @littlehales85

This series of dance poses signifies the strength we all have within us to show how we can be ‘stronger than you know’. Dancers need strength to control their movements and to build endurance. The more we practice and work at it, the more resilient our bodies become and the stronger we feel. A dancer gains a sense of control and freedom over their bodies and can even communicate powerfully without music or words. This is how we all hope to feel over our own lives and these poses demonstrate a snapshot moment of that strength. On a literal and practical level, dance is a fun, energetic and expressive tool that we can all partake in either in private or with others. It is this versatility that allows it to be suitable for everyone, regardless of ability and skill. Dance is a great way to wind down, and release stress or pain through mindfulness or if partaken in a group enable you to feel closer to others and able to tackle anything. 

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